Home cinema

The last months I have been working on the creation of my own home cinema. I’ve started by gathering information on audio and video equipment using the internet, colleagues and some local stores. Quickly I noticed that finding a home cinema set was not an easy task: the number of different brands and types is enormous. After the process of reading about and listening to different systems my preference ended with a combination of Pioneer equipment with Mordaunt-Short speakers.

The core van my home cinema set is the Pioneer PDP-LX5090 plasma television. This is supported bij a 5.1 surround system consisting of two Mordaunt-Short 908i front speakers, two MS 906i’s as surround speakers, a MS 905c center, and a MS 309i subwoofer. The speakers are powered by the Pioneer LX-SC71 receiver. Movies are played with the Pioneer BDP-51FD blu-ray player.

My home cinema My home cinema

My wish was to have a floating system supporting the receiver, blu-ray player and center speaker below the plasma television. After lenghty research on the internet I was unable to find what I was looking for. The only solution to my wishes was a self-made system.

For the construction of my self-made system I started with the installation of some support bars. These are to support the whole system (1st photo). Subsequently I’ve sawed two shelves in the right dimenions including openings for the wiring. I painted the shelves gleaming black (photo 2). To hide the wiring, I sawed three metal plates and glued these to the rear wall (photo 3). Next, I placed the equipement and cleaned up (photo 4).

My home cinema My home cinema My home cinema My home cinema

And now it’s time to enjoy my home cinema set.

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