Jan 102009

Winter in Kinderdijk

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This Saturday my brother and I visited Kinderdijk, the Dutch village famous for its mills. We had arrived before dawn, to be able to capture the most beautiful lights and colours. During the holiday season Holland was captured by a nice severe frost. After twelve year, we finally had ice again! These were all terrific ingredients for nice photography work. Standing on the ice, we were able to capture this moment just before sunset.

Winter in Kinderdijk

This photograph is presumably one of the best photo’s I have ever made. It’s one of the pictures I’ve printed on canvas and it currently hangs in our living room. The photo is shot using my tripod standing on the ice. I used a quite long focal length for a landscape photo at 115mm using the marvellous Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS USM lens, to capture a better part of the beautiful red/orange colour. I used a graduated filter to lighten the snow on the foreground a bit. Furthermore an exposure of 0,6 sec at f/11 was used.

Oct 122008

Autumn atmosphere

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This Saturday my brother and I went to the workshop ‘Herfstsferen’ (or ‘Autumn atmosphere’) by Johan ‘Schoffie’ van der Wielen in the forrest near Amerongen. We started the workshop with a theoretical part focussing on all kinds of techniques and elements contributing to the atmosphere in Autumn photography. After this part we went and put the new knowledge into practice in the near forrest.

Autumn atmosphere

This photo shows the typical autumn image: a beautiful tarnished leaf stuck on a tree. I’ve tried to accentuate the contrast in colours between the leaf and the tree trunk. The photograph is shot with an exposure of 1/3 sec at f/8 and therefore I had to use my tripod. For this close-up I used my lovely Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS USM lens.

Nov 152006

In the Cuban capital Havana stands ‘El Capitolio’, a former government building. The resemblance with the US Capitol is striking. Nowadays the building gives home to the ‘Academia de Ciencias de Cuba’. Just before sunset a beautiful sky surounded El Capitolio and I was fortunate to take this photograph.

La Habana