Apr 252009

For most tourists the Netherlands are known for their mills, wooden shoes and off course tulips. In April and May vast amounts of tulip fields start to blossom. As there are thousands of species growing, these fields have all kinds of beautiful colours. The most well known fields lie alongside the dunes in Zuid-Holland and the West-Friese polders.

Tulip field in April

This photograph is taken in a tulip field near the town of Purmerend. The tulips are nicely aligned and the fields have small aisles for seasonal workers to be able to cut the tulips.

For this photograph I have made some modifications with Photoshop. The day I took this photo the sky was heavily clouded and therefore I shot with ISO at 800 and the widest aperture at f/4.  I shot the photo with the Canon EF 17-40mm L f/4 USM wide angle lens at a focal length of 17mm.

I used photoshop to copy a more cheerful sky into the photo. After that I used Lightroom to adjust a little in the tone curve, brightness, contrast, clarity and saturation. Usually I’m not using photoshop to alter photographs this much, but this was a nice experiment and the result gives a better feeling of Spring.

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